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Inspiring innovation and excellence among digital journalists to better serve the public
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Membership in the IDMA connects you with the sharpest minds in digital journalism — multi-platform news professionals who are rethinking the industry, finding innovative ways to tell stories with emerging technology and starting up the news sites of the future.

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Journalism Awards

This year the Online Journalism Awards feature 37 awards, including 15 with a total of $62,500 in prize money. Their awards honor data journalism, visual digital storytelling, investigative journalism, public service, technical innovation and general excellence.

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Journalism 360

Journalism 360 is a global network of storytellers accelerating the understanding and production of immersive journalism. Our mission is to help news organizations, journalists, technologists, content creators and journalism educators experiment with all forms of immersive storytelling,

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world’s largest association of digital journalists.
Inspire innovation among journalists to better serve the public.

The IDMA is a leader in the rapidly changing world of journalism; a catalyst for innovation in story-telling across all platforms; a resource for journalists seeking guidance and growth, and a champion of best practices through training, awards, community outreach. Since 1999, IDMA has been at the forefront of a truly revolutionary age in digital media. The programs and services we provide help digital journalists in news organizations around the globe and across the corporate, independent and non-profit sectors adapt to the changing environment. Our mission, inspiring innovation and excellence among digital journalists to better serve the public, has never been more important. Our leadership status is reflected in IDMA’s growth. Our more than 2,250 members are the producers, content editors, news directors, technologists, reporters, bloggers, designers, data analysts, academics, students and newsroom decision-makers who are creating and refining the digital medium at breakneck speed. Not as obvious in the data but just as critical is the spirit of IDMA, which welcomes non-traditional members and fosters community, out-of-the-box thinking and excitement about the future of journalism and informed citizen engagement. IDMA already offers a variety of online and in-person trainings and exposure to the latest technology and how to use it; our website brings these valuable resources to a wider audience. Members are offered access to expertise and best practices from the most innovative minds in the business.

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